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From the get-go The Ridge Motorsports Group engaged local residents, businesses, car clubs, racers, and property owners to help develop not only a track facility to meet the needs and wants of racers, but also an operation that would benefit the entire region.

These benefits are enormous and immediate, starting with the use of local contractors to construct the development, area residents to staff the business, and area services to maintain the operation. From construction and professional positions to security, administrative and part-time corner and concession workers, The Ridge will create countless jobs during a time of economic downturn. Conservative estimates point to $12 million in annual economic benefits to the surrounding community. Combined with the revenues coming directly from the track's operations, this means significantly increased funding for the County's schools, fire and police departments, roads, public parks, and libraries. Being a part of the community also means offering support. Whether it is making the facility available for educating young drivers or sponsoring local charities and activities, The Ridge Motorsports Park will jump at the opportunity. The Ridge gives area residents a much-needed safe, family-friendly place to spend time. Whether it's in the form of watching, learning or competing in performance driving, or simply the use of the facility for shows or swap meets, The Ridge will be a positive influence on the community.


Click the Link to see a map with corner numbers and names, TheRidge-TrackMap with Names

"Our facility is being designed with input from all of our local racing constituents; club racers, car clubs, drag racers, special use groups and more. We've gone through many revisions based on their excellent feedback. Here is our most up-to-date version.