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shelton washington

January 30, 20122 years ago

Porsche Video from 50th Anniversary Rolex 24

Our car has two cameos at the end of this video.
January 29, 20122 years ago

Results! Our Team did very well

In a very talented field of professional drivers, the Bullet Racing team did a very good job of holding their positing for the full 24 hours of this amazing race.

What a thrill for The Ridge Team to be able to attend this event and represent Mason County and our new one of a kind facility.

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January 28, 20122 years ago

Car #22 - Front Page of The Daytona Beach Journal

The car we are sponsoring in The Rolex 24 Hour Race in Daytona made the front page. Race starts today at Noon, fist 6 hours and last 6 hours will be televised on The Speed Channel.

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or go directly to The Journals Page


January 18, 20122 years ago

Daytona Bound with Bullet Racing!

Off…………………….To the races!!!!!!!!!!!

The Ridge Motorsports Group and Bullet Racing are getting ready (and some of us are a bit too excited!!!) to head to Daytona, FL for the 50th running of the Daytona Rolex 24 hour. This years race will be broadcast live, in its entirety, on SPEED, so keep yourself tuned in. If somebody out there could record it, we would be grateful because, well, we're gonna be there and won’t be able to watch the whole race!

Below are a couple of links to the videos we are taking with us. The hot lap is self explanatory, and for all of you jaded PNW natives, the “Daytona” vid is not meant for you (stupid trees anyways) but remember, we are greeting a world wide audience, and some don’t live in as beautiful of an environment as we do. We’ve previewed this vid with a select few, and they range from “why so many shots of trees” to, well tears. Some have not been able to speak after watching it. So, the point is, it is powerful to some, others are like “I don’t get it?”. That’s OK, because if you are reading this post, you don’t need to be convinced, you already get it, that’s why your here.

Wish us, and Bullet Racing, well. Big Stage, Big Time.

What A Rush!!

RP and the TRMG Team

Ridge Hot Lap in a Bullet Racing Porsche Cup Car

The Ridge Motorsport Park & Bullet Racing Promotional Video

January 5, 20122 years ago

Early January Update

So, a quick note to everyone. January brings more hustle on construction to the track. After having our first event, we are doing the finishing touches for the 2012 season (curbs are in, runoff being groomed for seeding, storm water being installed, etc.)

We hope to have an onsite caretakers quarters and office at the track in about thirty days, and then, you can actually come visit us. YAY!

January will be slow on updates, as most of you know, we are heading to Daytona for the 24 hour Rolex Grand Am race, and preparing, traveling, and getting back takes a lot of work. A million thank you’s to Bullet Racing for getting The Ridge involved. They have provided The Ridge with national, if not international, exposure. They are doing for us what we could not do for ourselves, namely getting involved, and participating in, a huge, televised event. We are grateful.

Drag racers, rest assured, you are coming up to bat. As we explained previously, we had to do the road course first, as it is in the rear of the property, heavy equipment and all that. Surprising probably to most, there is not that much work left to build the drag strip. Amenities like garages, bathroom, even grandstands, will certainly take time, but the actual racing surface is not that far away. Much like the road course, the dragstrip will be a “work in progress” for most of 2012. It will certainly be operational, we hope by mid May, but we will be building amenities all season long.

The true build out of this entire facility is five years, so you will see perpetual construction for a long time. We hope each time you visit us, you will see an improvement.

Thanks for your patience, tis a new year, and we are back at full throttle.


December 14, 20112 years ago

1st Annual Mason County Benefit Event "Great Success"

Mason County benefit event a great success!!!!!!!!!!!

December 10th and 11th, 2011 marked the beginning of an era. The Ridge held a benefit event, with all proceeds after expenses going to two local charities. After expenses, we were able to raise $10,000!!!! And two FULL pickup loads of canned foods for our local food banks. Our participants generosity was boundless, for this we are grateful.

We want everyone to know, your continuous support and encouragement got us this far. We were limited on the number of folks we could handle, as the road course portion is not truly finished, and of course the insurance company put strict boundaries on the amount of participants.

It is not as if we did not want you all to come, because we did. We were just not allowed to.

For all you that did make it out, thank you so much, not only for your charitable giving, but for minding your manners and staying out of trouble. You should know that all of the warm smiles and good conversations we saw in the hot pits made all of the toil, work and trouble worth the effort. We were beaming parents of a project, as you might expect.

This event could not have been pulled off without major help. So a big shout out to the following people and organizations, in no particular order.

Mark DeGross at 2Fast and Tim O’Mahony from WMMRA. These guys made the motorcycle day happen. Well organized, safe and fun, we cannot thank these two enough. Plus, we like them! (We are also very impressed how you rotate turn workers through your rider ranks, the car guys might want to think about that. Keeps everyone in the game)

Hooked on Driving (Don and Debbie Clinkenbeard) for managing the pits and participant registration for the cars. It went seamlessly, and that is a sign of good management.

John Madden and Radio Rescue, they donated their time and emergency vehicles to be on site for medical services, and as planned, they were properly bored. They were their both days, could not have done it without them.

Mike Charlton and Ian, they provided safety trucks both days, and were only required to do one single tow. Thus, the first official tow has happened at The Ridge!. Maybe the last? Prolly not.

IRDC thank you for providing Radios, Safety Gear and Flags on Sunday.

Marie Kirby and Keith, and the whole gang that volunteered their time to be turn workers on Sunday. Again, we could not have done this without them, their group controlled grid release as well as track control, and it ran seamlessly. Again, a sign of good management.

Rusty Gill and RG Construction. What can we say. These guys took a patch of timber and stumps and turned it into a world class Road Course. Nothing short of miraculous.

Mark Thorsman for the numerouse trips up the Ridge both Saturday and Sunday. This service gave all the guests an opportunity to see the upper section of the track and the expansive view from the top of The Ridge. Also for the Propane that helped keep folks warm in the tent.

Travis Rowland and Fox Head construction. Travis was good enough to round up no less that six vehicles to work as temporary turn stations. He not only brought them to us, he took them away as well!! Not easy.

Steve Wintermantle and Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo for providing the Fisker Karma Pace car. This was a true treat, this all electric vehicle is drop dead geougous and a hoot to drive, and just made a very nice tough.

GASS (Great American Stock Car Series). These guys wheeled out 6 each stock cars with passenger seats, and began to give rides to folks after lunch on Sunday. The smiles from that experience were priceless. We (Joe and I) race these machines, so we get it, but most people would never get an opportunity to ride, because it is rare that there is a passenger seat. You Rock GASS!!

Logo Mutt and Dave and Carol Haire. These guys provided the T shirts at cost, so every penny over the cost of the items we could donate. Very generous, and they hit an almost impossible time frame!!

All the volunteers that manned the front gate both days and helped with parking.

All the Riders and Drivers that came out. Also, all the drivers that provided rides to the guests. Really made it an event that everyone could participate in.

The local food vendors that came out and kept folks warm with coffee, tea and food)

If we forgot someone, let us know! We are still a bit giddy from the experience, it’s just hard to pull everyones name from memory, but their were certainly others, including my own family, and in laws, who did yeoman’s work on T shirts, Gate entry, parking, etc. Our two daughters were able to round up some friends as volunteers, these young people were priceless.

There are surely others, but one of our biggest debts of gratitude is to Steve Crawford, who penned and did the final design of The Ridge road course. Without his expertise and background, we would certainly not have the world class facility that we have. This man is a genius (and a super nice guy).

RP and all of us that are The TRMG Team
December 8, 20112 years ago

Press Release - Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida, (December 5th, 2011)-The Ridge Motorsports Parks, Strategic Partner, Bullet Racing Team Today, Officially Entered The 2012 Rolex 24 Hours Of Daytona.

“We are extremely excited that our strategic partner, Bullet Racing, has officially entered the 2012 Rolex 24 at Daytona,” said Rod Powell. “The fact that we will have a Ridge Motorsports Park branded Porsche GT3 Cup car racing at the biggest sports car endurance race in North America is just incredible. The idea that we could go from breaking ground on this motorsports park project this spring, to watching a Porsche GT3 Cup race car representing our vision at Daytona, just blows me away.”

The Ridge Motorsports Park’s Joe Manke said, “We are looking forward to watching our friends from the Pacific Northwest battle at the 24 in Daytona in the GT class. Steve (Steve Paquette, Bullet Racing principle) always brings a top notch program and team to whatever he does, and we’re confident that we have as good of a shot at the win in GT as anyone out there. We hope everyone watches the race live and cheers on the #22 Ridge Porsche GT3.”

This year’s 2012 GRAND-AM sanctioned Rolex 24 at Daytona will be the 50th anniversary edition of the famed event at Daytona International Speedway, to be held on January 26-29, 2012. For more information, see

Rod Powell and Joe Manke

The Ridge Motorsports Group

November 21, 20113 years ago

Track Map with Numbers and Names

We thought it was time to put a drawing of the Road Course up with the "official names" of our favorite sections of the track.

Although we appreciate the comparisons that have been made to sections of our track with other popular tracks.

"The Leemer" Complex - Just after turn one and headed up the hill "The Carousel" - Turn 6 just before heading down, around and back up again And finally, "The Ridge Complex" - Turns 13, 14 and 15 coming down The Ridge in a series of turns then out to the straight away.......

November 14, 20113 years ago

PIR Live Interview

Here is a picture of the track from the air post pave!

Also, a video of the PIR Live interview.


November 9, 20113 years ago

Motorcycle Test Day!

We think you will find this video gives you a bit better perspective of the elevation changes and the camber.

That is, if it does not make you car sick.

I noticed my wife's head moving back and forth, with the bikes, while watching the vid. Pretty funny actually, stand behind someone when they watch the video. Pretty funny watching their heads lean. At least it was for me.

As you might expect, the bike guys were well pleased. In order to get the shots, we were running 5 tenths, as you can imagine, there was a lot more knee dragging going on after the video was shot.

Thank you once again for you support, sincerely. Since the first vids were released of the actual laps, between our vid and Randy Blaylocks, we have had over 7,000 views in 48 hours.

Apparently, you folks like what you see. We are pleased as well.

Stay tuned, and think good thoughts for 2012. Its gonna be a hoot!!

RP, JM and the TRMG Team