Ridge Motorsports Park brings a new opportunity for Motocross racers with the Rise MX Summer Camps

SHELTON, WA, January 31, 2020 – Coming August and September of this year Rise MX will bring one of their iconic summer camps to the Ridge Motorsports Park. Tommy Weeck started Rise MX out of passion for a sport he loves, his goal is to create a more well-rounded rider who has both skills and knowledge about racing. Rise MX is a series of camps that help to improve a rider’s ability; it aims to train riders to be safer, faster, and stronger than ever before.

“Rise MX is extremely excited for the 2020 season, we are growing our business and heading north! We will have two weekends in the summer months at The Ridge Motorsports Park,” said Tommy Weeck. “We couldn’t be more excited to venture into the northern side of Washington state to keep expanding our knowledge of proper riding fundamentals for all age and levels of riders! Join us for a Rise MX summer camp for all the fun, but make sure to follow us on social media and our website for other upcoming classes in your area!”

With the release of the Ridge’s Gladiator MX series, Team Tortoise, and now Rise MX, the Ridge is focusing on improving their Off-Road park and MX programs. Rise MX will be the first camp of its kind at the Ridge, giving riders the opportunity to train and focus on improvement. With the oversight of Tommy Weeck, this program will no doubt attract riders from across the state.

“Rise MX and other programs coming to the facility this year are aimed at exposing our MX community to more than just our track,” said Ridge General Manager, Tracie Schmitt. “We want to give our riders something fun and different to look forward to this season and we couldn’t be more excited to have Rise MX.”

More information on Rise MX can be found on their website or social media pages. For more information on the Ridge Motorsports Park and their MX programs please visit their website and the Ridge Off Road Facebook page.

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