Ridge Motorsports Park further expands their Off-Road presence in the Pacific Northwest with the addition of the NORCS Series.

SHELTON, WA, January 28, 2020 - Team Tortoise will be concluding their year at the Ridge Motorsports Park this fall as they add the Ridge to their Northwest Off-Road Championship Series (NORCS). Since the early 1990’s, Team Tortoise has been an Off-Road race team comprised of passionate riders who enjoy both MX and Off-Road racing. The final race of the NORCS will take place on October 10th of this year and will utilize the Ridge’s off-road park in a unique and never before seen way.

"Team Tortoise and I have been working on this partnership for years. Schedules for motocross have been on hold in hopes to release all schedules with this exciting news. To finally reach this milestone and have NORCS at the Ridge is an awesome kick-start to our off-road program for 2020 and beyond,” said General Manager Tracie Schmitt.

The event’s course will be designed by both the Ridge Motorsports Park and Team Tortoise to ensure that any rider, no matter age or skill, will be able to fully enjoy the race. With plans for an estimated 5-mile-long endurance-style race this event will add to the complexity of the park and enrich the overall race experience for the local racing community.

“We have been working with the Ridge for years in hopes to put something together, and about a month ago we got the call this could finally happen. We are super excited to add the new venue. Off-Road racing is huge in the Pacific Northwest, and it takes unique venues to pull it off. With rider counts growing yearly, we are challenged to find facilities that can accommodate the parking and demands of the course layout. The Ridge has now made it possible for an event like this to be top notch. We know our racers and their families will be looking forward to this event all year, and no better way to conclude our 7 race 2020 series then with a new exciting location” -Team Tortoise.

Events such as these have been added to the Ridge Motorsport Park’s schedule as the facility continues to expand. With more unique events in the works, the Ridge is aimed at creating a more inclusive race environment for all types of motorsports. More information about this event can be found on the Team Tortoise Racing Facebook Page, and Website, and the Ridge Motorsports Park websites.

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