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Welcome to The Ridge Motorsports Park

The Ridge Complex

Picture taken by, ReAnn Martin in June 2013

Puget Sound Road Racing Association - Kart Racing

Kart Racing weekend - Summer 2013


A dedicated Turn Worker. This is from our Weather Warrior Event held on November 24th. This picture was taken by

2Fast, LLC Motorcycle School Event

2Fast, LLC Motorcycle School and lapping event March 27, 2012.

Weather Warrior Track Day

Running at The Ridge in the Winter

WMRRA Motorcycle Race 2013

Racing in The Rain

Nighttime at the Ridge

This shot was snapped by one of our guests during the 24 Hours of LeMons Race in July 2013.

The Ridge Motorsports Park is a developing facility in Shelton, WA. The current Road Course was laid in November 2011. 2014 marks the 3rd season of events running primarily March through October. The Road Course holds car, motorcycle and kart events. The majority of the events held at the facility are Driving and/or Riding Schools and Lapping Events. These organizations rent the facility had run their own programs. Summer weekends we host car and motorcycle races.

If you have a street car and would like to take it out for some High Performance driving you can sign up with one of the schools that have events booked. Once you have taken a few classes you can participate in the lapping events. The Facility offers the same type of programs for motorcycles provided by various motorcycle schools.

The plans in the future are for a Drag Strip and Spectator facilities. We would like to thank Mason County for allowing The Ridge to develop in their community.

"We're committed to building a first class facility that we can all be proud to call a part of our community" - Rod Powell

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February 3, 20146 months ago

Look Back and Look Forward

Here’s to a great 2013, and looking better for 2014!!

We apologize for the tardiness of our updates, lots of things have been happening. As always, we want to thank you, our customers and friends, that make our existence possible, and make it a whole lot of fun!

Some recognitions from last season. Track records. For all who read this, remember, these are record times, not mandatory times!! It’s good to have goals, but maybe track records should not be one of them.

We will list three disciplines. Auto, Motorcycle, and Karts. We would list sweepers, but you all know who has that record. For reference, the track sweep record is a blistering 1 hour, 42 minutes, 28 seconds. Fuel slowed us down a bit, or we could have knocked off…..28 seconds. But, we intend to improve that time substantially in 2014, mostly because we have a lot more grass and a lot less rocks! Ok, enough of that. The REAL records below.


Far and away the fastest time set at The Ridge was a smoking 1:32:962 set by Miles Jackson in his Stohr CSR, with JFC racing doing the heavy lifting on setting up and keeping the car hot. Vid here: JFC Racing video

Honorable mention: Snake Livernash set a blistering 1:34 flat in his formula Atlantic, so he is on the heels of Miles, but has a bit to go.


Next fastest goes to Ryan “Chromie” Sutton, piloting a Suzuki GSXR 1000, turned a smoking 1:37:82. We believe we may see that record broken again in 2014. Here is a vid of Ryan setting the 2012 record of 1:39. Great vid, but right after he broke the record, he had a mechanical that spewed coolant all over his rear tire. And down he went! This vid, however, gives you a good sense of speed, and lean angle, required to set these blistering times! Ryan Sutton

Honorable mention: Oh Canada! Adam Robarts held the track record prior to the last round for WMMRA at The Ridge, a 1:39:404, on a Honda CBR 1000RR. Just two seconds off Ryan, look for Adam to mount a serious challenge in 2014.


Eric Johnson, native of good old Shelton, set the super kart record at a 1:42:932. This is the official lap time recorded on the AMB system during races. However, Eric came back a few months later, testing only, and turned a 1:40 flat (unofficial) so expect that record to fall soon. His kart was Honda powered when he set the official record, he now uses a KTM motor for propulsion, and once fully sorted, it will be a barn burner!! Check out this heated battle between Eric and his teammate Joe Street. So closely matched, it’s a tossup on who sets a record in 2014. Cool vid: Eric Johnson-Joe Street

Congratulations to everyone who participated at events at The Ridge in 2013. And special congrats to our record holders. Well done, and well earned.

And last, but not least, a declaration of pride. Michael Hooton, the young man we all love so much and see at every event getting waivers signed, and garbage emptied (and countless other things that you folks never see) and his longtime companion Chelsea Jones are brand new parents. Cameron Hooton said hello to the world at 12:09 PM on February 1, 2013. I was blessed to be present when Cameron was born (in the waiting room mind you), and we could not be happier for those two.

Michael-Cameron 2.2.14

Looking forward to seeing all of you soon at The Ridge!

RP and the TRMG Team

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October 24, 201310 months ago

Nice video of the new Jaguar F-Type Running The Ridge

The Jaguar website has a nice mention of The Ridge Motorsports Park, Shelton, WA on their website promoting their new F-Type sports car.

Click here to Jaguar's site and the other video (The page will take a few seconds to load)

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August 15, 20131 year ago

Our online store is now up!

Ridge Gear now available for order online. Click on Ridge Gear in our main menu. Read more