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Global Time Attack, representing the ultimate expression of automotive technology.

This innovative racing series is quickly taking the motorsport world by storm, testing the drivers, teams and cars to their limits on a wide variety of dedicated race circuits with the singular goal of setting record lap times. Setting the stage for the fastest timed laps in racing, drivers compete against the clock, allowing teams to focus solely on achieving the fastest lap times against other drivers and machines on a given circuit. In partnership with SCCA, this event also creates a space for those just starting out and for those drivers competing in daily drivers or occasional-use track cars. Drivers can work their way through the SCCA Novice-Intermediate-Advanced licenses on their way to the GTA “Pro” License.


Lone Star Drift

In addition to Time Trials on the Ridge Road Course, witness drivers with Lone Star Drift maneuver their cars on the controlled drift course in the paddock or experience the power of drifting firsthand with a once in a lifetime ride-along experience. As one of the longest running grass roots drifting groups in the USA, this will truly be a showcase of skill as those who prove themselves will be offered a spot in the drift exhibition on the Ridge Road Course. 

Join us July 15th-17th

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