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Since its ground breaking in 2009, RIDGE MOTORSPORTS PARK has had an invested interest in the economic development of Mason County and the surrounding areas as more than 500 thousand people from across the country and Canada attend RIDGE events each season, giving a boost to the county’s tourism and hospitality industry.

The Ridge Motorsports Park is the newest and largest development project in Mason County, Washington. As times change, what was once an economy based on heavy industry and forest products is transitioning to other economic interests including tourism, recreation and sporting activities. The Ridge Motorsports Park supports and promotes these new economic engines and adds substantially to the Mason County community, bringing new people and their dollars into the community.

With the help of local Economic Development Councils, Ridge Motorsports Park has been able to secure multiple national events for years to come that will multiple Shelton’s tourism during the season as well as provide a boost into the surrounding hospitality industry. With events drawing 10,000 people in a single weekend, the growth of Ridge Motorsports Park can be felt across the county.

The Ridge also has invested in the future of our county by focusing on education. In 2020 Ridge Motorsports Park began the development of a high school program with Shelton High aimed at employing students in areas they are passionate about and highlighting those industries that can be found in Mason County. Ridge Motorsports Park wants to help lay the foundation of a passionate workforce who will stay and grow the development of the county.

Ridge Motorsports Park is committed to economically helping our surrounding communities thorough the partnerships and programs we develop. With an ever-expanding season full of diverse events for Ridge Motorsports Park, the positive economic impact can only grow. 

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