Ridge Performance Center opened 2019, the 9,585-square-foot complex will serve as motorsports and event venue, it also doubles as a community resource, training and career center; triples as a corporate destination for meetings, seminars, trade-shows and retreats; and quadruples as a thriving hub to be enjoyed by everyone in the nation.

The new building allows racing and entertainment to be enjoyed from the inside with an open layout, but it also allows other areas to be closed off for private meetings and other exclusive events. The facility’s Ridge Training Center is designed to accommodate a host of activities for Ridge purposes as well as outside clients. These can include daily staff meetings, educational and product training, client engagement events, business meetings, and management gatherings and retreats.

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The Ridge partnered with Topper Industries to construct its new 120ft pedestrian bridge. The Bridge takes fans over pit lane just beyond the Start/Finish line and into two separate fan zones for spectators. The Bridge will be opening in 2021 and will give fans a new perspective of the Ridge. 




2020 saw the increase in paddock space with Lakeside Industries laying over 200,000 sq ft of additional asphalt, doubling the pre-existing paddock. The new asphalt will allow the paddock to be split into three different areas, proving room for multiple asphalt events to run simultaneously at the Ridge. The increase in surface area was designed to draw in larger national series and serve as a home to future autocross and drifting events.

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In 2020, Lakeside Industries partnered with the Ridge once again to resurface the entire 2.47-mile-long Road Course and the new Chicane. In preparation for this, the Road Course was also re-curbed by Eastside Concreate in collaboration with the Ridge. The Resurfacing and re-curbing of the track is something that many riders and drivers will enjoy and is just one of many Road Course improvements to come.



With construction beginning early 2021, the garages will be located along pit lane near the Pedestrian Bridge. Two garage buildings will feature 16 stalls in total, each equipped with TV’s and electrical hookups in a 600 sq ft space. Each stall can house one vehicle or multiple motorcycles for day-of use. As garages are on a reservation basis, call 360-427-7223 to secure your garage space for the 2021 season.

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